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Product description
Product description

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---Are you searching for a pillow that can turn into a blanket or a blanket that can be stored easily for travel as a pillow?
---An adornment which can easily be taken with you while you travel and used in a plane, car, or other location? 


  1. FIVE-IN-ONE FUNCTION: Can be used as a decorative pillow, soft quilt, comforter for children, sofa/couch/ seat cushion or as a travel blanket.
  2. EASY FOLD AND UNFOLD: This decorative pillow the ability to be used as both a soft pillow and a warm blanket, and its use can be switched simply by folding the blanket and zipping it into a comfortable pillow or undoing the zipper and pulling out the snug blanket.
  3. PORTABLE: This product’s foldable nature allows it to be folded into a pillow small enough to store in a backpack or suitcase easily, but large enough to be a cozy pillow to doze on or a fashionable ornamental pillow. This pillow/blanket can be easily used when traveling, camping, staying as a guest, in a car or plane, or when staying in a dorm. 


PREMIUM SOFT POLYESTER WITH SOFT COTTON FILLING: This product is made of 100% premium polyester cotton filling and allows this to double as both a fluffy pillow and as a soft blanket.


SIZE: This product measures 16 × 16 Inches as a pillow and 60 × 42 inches as a blanket large enough to comfortably sleep on and fit well on a couch, but small enough to be stored in a suitcase or backpack, and used on a train, plane, car, or other location.


  1. Can be washed
  2. Machine washing with neutral washing liquid (gentle setting is recommended


  1. 2 in 1 pillow blanket: It is big enough to sleep comfortably on the bed, but it can be small and can be placed in a suitcase, backpack or car.
  2. Unique design: It can be easily used as a decorative pillow on the sofa and a stylish blanket that can be easily converted into a comfortable blanket to watch TV shows or sit comfortably on the sofa.
  3. Valid throughout the year: This pillow is uniquely designed to be used as a warm blanket for winter and a comfortable pillow for the summer at any time of the year.

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